Lessons from Mom

My Mother, Joann Sims Purdue, was born in a house without running water.  A lifelong educator mom earned her master’s degree in education.   Today, I celebrate the lessons her life taught me.

Trust Jesus

Love people

Faith matters

The Church is full of sinners like you- go anyway

Worship with your heart wide open

Serve your neighbor

Give people your smile

Be colorblind


God roots for the underdog

“that” could have happened to you

God hates “The Proud” (Proverbs 6:16)

Shelter the needy

Welcome the stranger

“You don’t know their story”

Build a fort

Go barefoot

Skip rocks

Feed the birds

Enjoy birds singing

Plant flowers

Can beans

Watch the moonrise

Mud washes off

Savor a cup of coffee

Stay late

Take a risk

Work hard

Learn to swim at sixty

Honor your elders

Cherish children


Marriage is an equal partnership

Rigid roles stifle the soul

Love cleans up a mess

Keep talking until you make peace

Give and expect respect

Please is a magic word

Jesus holds everything that matters

Who cares what “they” think

Always pray


Shine Jesus’ love into dank corners

Every day, read God’s Word

Faith asks questions

Jesus is bigger than the Bible

Love serves

Don’t quit

Try again tomorrow

It will be alright

Jesus loves you.


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