Play On! THS Band.

The Band is bigger than one note, one horn, one flag, or one director.   Take the field and play on.  When the lights went off and the amp was unplugged, the band played on.  You are part of a great line, marching on in unbroken step.  You remind us that “the flag still waves.”  You pump us up with Tuba Cheer.  You are the cadence of Friday nights. You send us screaming with delight after you have taken the field and owned it.  You are Headliner, Dream On, Asian Sketches, Interstellar Journey, and Into The Woods.  You are loved by a bunch of wacky band parents.  Children dance and clap when you endure the Christmas parade. You move us to the edges of our seats each concert season with beauty, harmony, precision, dedication, and skill. We will be stunned again on a Sunday afternoon, when we hear the progression from sixth grade to symphonic band.  (I would imagine that) you have sent more players to All-State and Mid-State than all the other THS clubs and sports combined. Music is the soundtrack of the soul.  We turn to music in the highest highs and lowest lows- it is beyond words.  Play on. The world needs your sound.  Play on.

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