“I Have A Dream” prayer

God, our refuge and our strength,

    we feel the fierce urgency of the now.

We long to save the soul of our nation.*

We can not be satisfied with injustice- anywhere.

We lift up those who endure excessive trials and tribulation.

May your creative power redeem their suffering.

In our struggles, keep us free from the cup of hatred and bitterness.

Do not let us wallow too long in the valley of despair.


For even though we must the face the difficulties of today and tomorrow,

    we still have a dream; we dream of justice and equality.

We dream of that day when no one is judged by the color of their skin,  

    or by who they love or where they came from.  

So Let us join hearts and take hold of our neighbor’s hand,

    and work together until the rough places are worn smooth,

    the crooked made straight,

    and the glory of the Lord is revealed around us.

This is our faith.

This is our hope.   

This Hope can transform the jangling chords of discord

    into a beautiful sympathy of sister-and-brotherhood,

So let us work for that day

    when all God’s children will be able to sing together,

    “Free at last, free at last,

     thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”



  • “To save the Soul of America” was the first motto of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957.

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