Congregation Netzach Yisroel

Our lectionary passage from the prophets reads….

During all their distress, God also was distressed, so a messenger who served God saved them. In love and mercy God redeemed them, lifting and carrying them throughout… Isaiah 63:9

Today we lift up our spiritual kindred especially those who are part of Congregation Netzach Yisroel, in Monsey NY. and all who hold dear Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg dear.

Let us pray with all who long and work for peace, justice, and love. May the Light of God guide our steps and the Love of God transform our hearts.

Blessed are You, oh Lord, our God, Sovereign of All, who hallows us with Your Teachings, commanding us to kindle the Hanukkah lights. Come bless the path of all who mourn today and struggle to undo the wounds of the harm done to all Your children everywhere. Light our Path. Amen (adapted from a Hanukkah blessing)

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