New Year! New Road?

A New Year reminds us of the possibilities of new roads.  We, mainline churches, begin the new year with a holy day: Epiphany. Epiphany means “an appearance of God’s divine presence.”  On Epiphany we remember the Magi. These wise ones came from the east, outside of the known traditions to seek and find Christ. The mysterious pull of a new heavenly star leads them. They allow dreams to alter their plans: “having been warned in a dream… they go home by another road.” 

Maybe all epiphanies lead us to make new roads. Having been warned by a dream, seeing mission in a Burning Bush, blinded by the Damascus Road light, experiencing vision, finding your hard heart strangely warmed, or witnessing Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus- we see better roads.  Take another road, go preach liberation in Egypt, leave behind the legalism that kills, dive into God’s love, accept God’s deep acceptance, and stand up for justice. The Magi, Moses, The Apostle Paul, Julian of Norwich, John Wesley, and Martin Luther King all found themselves standing at crossroads. All of them chose the harder path. 

Maybe, whenever God appears we find new roads. Behold, I AM making all things new! In Christ, all things are made new! (2 Corinthians 5:17) In 2020, will we take or make new roads? Will we resist evil, overcome oppression, stop excluding, ponder love, organize new spiritual movements, and stand up against racial inequality? Will we take the next right step? Let us join with the Magi, Moses, Paul, Julian, Wesley, and Martin, and make some new roads.    

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