What is Next? Ascension Sunday Sermon

“Why are you standing here looking toward heaven?” What is next church? The universal church is facing huge changes, a deepening exodus, and growing divisions…. American Christianity is slumbering in an other-worldly era.  A pastor friend shared how his teenage daughter is rejecting Christianity because it is anti-science. Do you know such stories? Is the […]

Percolating an upside-down Kingdom

  Eleven year old Emily headed out with her mother to share “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.”  She met judges, assistants, and clerks who worked with her mom and especially enjoyed helping the security guards scan courthouse visitors. She went to some meetings but had to sit out others, so she walked around the […]

Beyond stealing- Biblical Economics

The Bible has more to say about economics than “Thou shall not steal.” Indeed, the Levitical Holiness Code addresses past oppression, protection for the poor, and justice for foreigners. Friends, Christ calls us to a higher standard of living and doing that enriches and frees us.   “8)You shall not steal” Exodus 20   In […]