If “the Earth is the Lord’s”, then how do we treat God’s Creation?

In retirement, my notoriously frugal parents went on vacation for many years with equally frugal friends. On their first morning in Florida, the condo’s clock radio began blaring AC-DC at 4:30am. Jarred awake, in unfamiliar terrain, Dad struggled for his glasses, detangled his c-pap and fumbled for the mute button. You should know, my Dad […]

Percolating an upside-down Kingdom

  Eleven year old Emily headed out with her mother to share “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.”  She met judges, assistants, and clerks who worked with her mom and especially enjoyed helping the security guards scan courthouse visitors. She went to some meetings but had to sit out others, so she walked around the […]

Where do we go from here? Dr. King’s Question for 2016.

“Where Do We Go From Here?” In 1972 Dr. Martin Luther King looked around America and asked that question. King saw two fundamental and divergent responses to the problems that have plagued America since long before the civil rights movement and continue to infect our society in 2016. Some may think our current terrorism is […]

Strive to be great- enrich the world with your gifts

What is greatness? Who is great? What makes for a great life? In Luke 22 the disciples begin to argue about who is the greatest. Funny, they argue about greatness in the presence of Jesus. We may be too sophisticated to openly argue about our personal power and our significance. The disciples might have subtly […]