Amid Alzheimer’s -Taking Joy in the Smallest things

Sorting our mail that rarest of treasures slides to the top: a handwritten envelope in familiar script. My eyes dart to the return address for a clue as to the card’s contents. As part of Youth Group our seventeen year-old Lewis wrote his grandmother. Sitting at the kitchen table Mom slowly opens the envelope. She […]

Remembering, Thanking, Pausing- For All The saints

Almighty God, Giver of Life We give you thanks for all the saints Who worshiped you in spirit and truth Who sang your praises Whose hearts beat in harmony with you We praise you for sharing their lives with us.   Oh, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord We give you thanks for all the […]

Memorial Day Sermon from 2012

The year my Dad died we traveled to Washington D.C. to celebrate my brother earning his doctorate. We visited the Mall and the memorials. On a beautiful spring day, we gazed upon the lifelike Korean War soldiers cast in bronze moving up a slight slope. The bronze troops wore raincoats, ponchos and other winter gear. […]